Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hot Sauce, Tigers and Hopes for the Break

Ohmygosh, it's been two weeks since I've posted anything here on Leaving Amerika.  My bad.  Everything is good here. No problems in Thailand, at least for me, anyways. 

In my last post, I talked about fulfilling a promise to bring American Sriracha Sauce to the town Si Racha here in Thailand and record reactions.  I did so, but not as well I might have hoped.  Anyways, any video that includes moments like this:

Yeah, that moment alone was pretty freekin awesome.

This ain't just a tiger kitten.  It was definitely an adolescent, and he or she really loved the warm milk I was giving him or her.  Thank God.  If not, she surely could have turned and ripped me to shreds.  About as big as a large dog, this Tiger kitten was a lot heavier.  She radiated POWER in her muscle density.  Despite my friendly smile, this encounter with the ultimate apex predator was very, very intense for me.

Here's the rest of the video:

I'm now in the second half of the second and last term of the school year and my employment contract. It's time to think about what comes next.  

I really like my job, but there are some days when I just get so frustrated that I think about what to do next.  I've got my TEFL certificate. I don't have a LOT of experience in my new career, but it's a little.  What to do for next year?  

Do I go home to America?

Would pretty much be the end of this blog.  

Anyways, I am defintely NOT done with my exploration of SE Asia.  Putting aside next year for a moment, there was a more pressing need.  What to do for the break?  Summer vacation here in Thailand is March and April, coming soon, and I won't be getting paid. What to do for money? I got some reserves, but I really don't want to tap into them. 

I've found a job that seems tailor made for Thai teachers on break.  Found it on a TEFL Thai teachers website.  Eight weeks of teaching summer school.  March and April. $1300/mo salary (which goes a long way in SE Asia).  Free accommodation. Free lunches.  Reimbursed airfare from Bangkok to...  Rangoon, Burma.  

I want this gig.  I'm applying this weekend.  Wish me luck.  

Nowadays, Rangoon, Burma is known as Yangon, Myanmar, and if everything goes as I hope, 6 weeks from now, I'll be packing up to move to the next destination in the Tour d'Joko: Burma... err... Myanmar.  What have you. 


  1. Fingers crossed for you to get the job teaching summer school. You are not yet at the point where you can afford to take months off without pay. Coming back to The US would be very hard. Do not give this life up. Several large retailers here are restructuring and laying off retail employees. Your future is there.

    Glad to see a post. I was starting to get concerned. Things are looking good for us, we may be houseless in a few weeks.

  2. It's easy to see the excitement in your eye's with the tiger cub.
    I agree with your mother. Make a life there. Think outside the box. Can you put an ad in the paper for privet English lessons? I have heard that a lot of people do well with that in Mexico, why not Thailand? Can you set up a store front teaching English?

  3. I think you can do whatever you put your mind to doing. How brave, to leave all you've ever known to travel to a completely foreign life and to thrive there! I look forward to whatever adventure awaits you.


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