Sunday, January 19, 2014

Walking Down the Street

I've been recruited to be a part of a video project, the details of which I won't go into, suffice to say its about an American coming to live in Thailand.

Today, we did our very first test videos.  I'm not putting this on Facebook.  Not sharing it with Ajarn Forum, an internet community in which I am quite active.

This is just for friends and family, the tens of folks who read my blog, as my video-making partner and I turn HIS idea into something that might go out to millions of Thais in the form of a TV show.  These are just the first few screentesting steps...


  1. Enjoyed the dance steps.

  2. Now that is fun. Good luck with the project.

  3. I really enjoyed your screen test. The skipping was totally unexpected!

  4. I bet you lost some weight that day!


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