Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hot Sauce Promise Kept!

Success! Promise kept. Video recorded. The first day of the long weekend is in the books, and I did what I set out to do, See, I had promised my friend Aaron when he said he would send me a bottle of Sriracha hot sauce from America I would take that bottle down to the Thai city of Sriracha (more commonly known as Siracha), find random Sirachans, give them samples of the sauce and get their reactions. I did that and accomplished my main goal for the day.
It's nice to set a goal and actually do it. There were lots of reasons not to do it. Aaron never asked me to do it, it was just something I spontaneously promised to do one late night on Facebook. He wouldn't have really cared if I'd blown it off. Second, I had no help. It is really hard to hold a sign that says 'Free Samples! American Sriracha sauce!” and then balance a plate full of spicy treats. There will be video soon, but as you'll see, I look in distress, socially awkward, as much as my subjects, for the most part, look the same. I scrapped the whole idea of the stationary camera and decided to hold THAT too. The local Srirachans were lucky they didn't get Sriracha sauce dumped in their laps when I approached them.

I think my idea is golden. Taking a product from the New World that has achieved a fanatical, cult-like following and bringing it back to its origins to see what the locals thing of it: Huy Fong Foods (the makers of Sriracha) should be paying me for this idea. Done right, the video could go as viral as the sauce is popular.

To do it 'right', I'd need a crew, some planning and an actual location. Today's video was off the seat of my pants, and although fulfilling my promise to Aaron, is nothing more that that. One day, I will return, video production crew, script and set up subjects on hand and will make this video right.

I say that, not yet having viewed the footage as I am still on the road. I'm typing this in a 400 Baht/night flophouse in Pattaya,

I am also happy to say that I accomplished another goal. I've now 'been to Thailand'. Pattaya is a wonderful town.
Tomorrow, off to Rayong!

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  1. Has anyone told you that (one of) the main Sriracha plant(s) has been shut down by a lawsuit involving the lung-searing vapors produced by manufacturing it?


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