Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Joko in Thailand: Episode Six

Take away my video camera and I get all wordy and post 3000 word blogs...

Now that it's back, all I can really add to this one is: Enjoy!


  1. Great video as always. Dad and I are still in bed and he played it on the laptop. He liked it too! I hope you are being careful about drinking with friends. I know how hard it must be. I have a hard time every day just saying no to a glass of wine. If I say yes, then my desire to have one the next day is doubled. For me it is the calories. I gained a bit on our trip, but am losing it again.

    Keep the videos coming. Many people are reading your posts that do not leave comments. My brothers, your uncles for example, have mentioned they are reading your blog too.

    Love .... Mom

  2. Just a thought. If a teacher can't get the class to quite down by doing something or saying something, try just standing there doinging absolutely nothing and saying nothing. It might throw them for a loop because you are doing something completely unepected. The class is aware of the teacher, their talking is a way of gaining control of the situation. The teacher has to have control before he can teach.

    Fun in the classroom is a reward, not an introduction.

  3. Incredible--it seems like you're really fitting in and enjoying yourself. Good for you, man; I'm happy to see someone escape the drudgery of lower middle class American suburbia and have an adventure instead. Just don't let the girls on Soi Cowboy fleece ya.


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