Saturday, April 22, 2017

On the Go in Manado 4: Bunaken Island

I don't think I've ever been in a more Christian area than Manado. I don't mean christian in that they subscribe to certain moral values and ways of living.
From Jonath's Lodge in Bunaken... high tide.
They seem to be very decent and nice people, sure, but I mean Christian in the sheer number of churches and zeal with which they celebrate and express their faith. You'll see more of this in later videos, but as I wandered around Bunaken village, I saw no one around. See, it was Good Friday morning and everyone was in church. 

The mangroves at low tide - big tides there.
Perhaps God was punishing me for not being there myself when I tried snorkeling that morning. I was successful and I enjoyed it; I saw a great variety of colorful fishes and invertabrates. The coral looked healthy and the water was as clear as could be. Unfortunately, you won't see that in the video as my beloved GoPro decided after 18 months of being dropped, vibrated and abused that it wasn't going to be waterproof anymore. Underwater, I noticed bubbles coming out of the camera. Bubbles don't come out of something unless water is going in. 

It's a short video; it took me longer to edit the new title sequence. 

For those in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, watch this next version. 
The video above is blocked in those countries for copyright reasons, so I did something a little different. I made a video with no background music, which given how quiet Bunaken is, it kinda works.

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  1. Even though I enjoy music, it was nice hearing you, without any music! Blessings, Lynn



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