Thursday, July 21, 2016

Can't let what might be determine the now

Wow. I've just looked at my 'posts' and saw that it's been 7 weeks since I've last posted on my blog. That's a long time! I apologize to my half-dozen readers for the lapse. I've been doing creative stuff in my YouTube page, and my blog on and have been neglecting my own personal blog.

So what's new?

The phototherapy is working on my psoriasis. On the 20+ patches of the condition on my body where it was relatively mild, after 7 weeks of treatment, the UV light has practically eliminated the symptoms. On the big patches on my shins, that's gotten better, but it's going to take some time.

Tomorrow, I'm adopting a kitten. I've been thinking about this for some time, weighing the pros and cons. I've always been a cat guy, but a nomadic life is incompatible with cat ownership, so I haven't gotten a kitty in Asia. After 2+ years in Yangon, I think I'm starting to feel settled in enough that I can adopt a kitty. If later I decide to move, I'm encouraged by the story of the woman who has been taking care of my kitten's momma. When she came here from India 6 months ago, she brought her cat with her. Myanmar isn't too restrictive about importing house pets. I can't imagine any country I would travel to next would be all that restrictive either. Badger, that's his name, is 9 weeks old now, old enough to be away from his mom. I went to visit him a couple weeks ago... When he crawled up on my foot. Yeah, see for yourself.

It's been a tough decision because work keeps telling me I might be going back to Naypyitaw soon... if we get such and such contract. I wouldn't mind going back to Naypyitaw. In fact, I'd like it. But I've heard this before, and nothing came of it. I've decided that I can't let what might happen next in life can't control what I do now. If my company wants to send me back to Naypyitaw, they will have to arrange housing with a hotel that allows pets.

In other news, this last Tuesday, Myanmar celebrated Martyr's Day. It's a national holiday recognizing that tragic day in July, 1946, when the soon-to-be ruling cabinet of an independent Burma was meeting and a gang of assassins burst in and killed them all. Of them, the man considered to be the founding father of Myanmar, Aung San, and the real life father of The Lady, Aung San Suu Kyi, was killed. Many have speculated how the fate of Myanmar would have been different had General Aung San not been tragically killed a month before his country regained its independence.

I had Martyr's Day off. I should have mentioned it in the video, but I forgot. It was a bit of a first for me. It was the first time I tried to sing a song in Myanmar language. I think it worked out okay.


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