Monday, March 12, 2018

Thandaung Gyi

Several of my colleagues and I have days off in common. So, we can do weekend getaways together. Getting out of the city is really nice from time to time.

Even though we had lots of problems on the trip:
  • We took the late bus. It took us through Phyu, a 90 minute detour from our ultimate goal of Taungoo. 
  • The motorbikes weren't ready for us to drive them away. Needed repairs on our 3 bikes included a whole new back tire, installing turn signal controls and making the front brakes work. Why these were all broken in the first place? I dunno. 
  • Jack got into an accident minutes out of our departure place. The two of us in front didn't even notice. We got separated. Turned out the accident was entirely the other guys fault, and we were quickly re-united. 
  • The new wheel on Eva's bike got a flat just a couple miles out of town. They brought us a whole new bike. 
  • While miles down a wrong turn, my backpack and ukulele case came loose from their single bungee cord and fell off. Jack rode his bike right over my poor ukulele. I'm very glad this didn't cause him to wreck. Ukuleles shouldn't cause harm. Fortunately, the uke survived with just a tiny bit of damage. 
  • We intended to go to the nearby mountain peak at dawn. We went the wrong way. Dawn doesn't wait, and so we got to the 5000 ft peak in the morning haze. 
Enjoy the videos. 


Sunday, March 4, 2018

The Last New Zealand Post

Gosh. It's been more than two months since my trip back to the USA and then to New Zealand ended. Since then, I've been on another overseas trip, and tomorrow morning, I depart on a trip to the countryside. I must finish up the USA-NZ trip..
 Here it is.



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