Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Particle Man

Due to bit of a spending spree today, it's a night of many firsts for me here in Myanmar. First time I've played my own 6-stringed bass ukulele (sometimes known as a guitar) as I just bought one this afternoon. Sounds beautiful, and not only is the guitar made in Myanmar, it's made right down the road in San Chuang township where many of my friends live. It's also my first time scanning and printing something from home, as I got a new peripheral for the 'puter. Lastly, it's my first time covering a TMBG tune. If you don't know what TMBG means, you wouldn't really care, and if you do know, I hope you're excited as I. Time to print out the lyrics and sing Particle Man.

Here's a pic of my new guitar. On the wall hangs the cheap gig bag I got with it. It's labeled ROCKWIND (whether that means air movement or cranking something, your guess is as good as mine) and that is a recent picture of the Rolling Stones on the bag. The Golden Years Rolling Stones. I think it's an appropriate gig bag for a guy approaching middle age.

The other somewhat major purchase I made today was a printer/scanner/copier. In my last uke video, my mom asked me how I learn all these new songs every week. Well, I don't really. I can't remember what I played I few weeks ago. Instead, I just look up the chords on the internet, have a cheat sheet, a cue card, there taped to the tripod as I play. I am getting tired of having to transcribe the chords and lyrics from my computer screen to paper, so I felt it was time to buy a printer.

Due to its multifunctionality, I used my new toy to scan some drawings I made too. Being a teacher of English, I put my own spin on what 'Particle Man' is all about.

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  1. Well, You are a complete Nut Ball! Love following your Blog and please don't quit your day job! LOL! I could be wrong,, but I am not thinking you will be on on 'The Voice' anytime soon!..But Love You any way!




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