Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Thingyyan 2016- Day Two

So my video yesterday of Day One of the Water Festival got criticized for not showing enough beautiful Myanmar women. I can understand that criticism. Myanmar women are perhaps the most beautiful in the world, and so I should be showing as many of them as possible. So, endeavoring to make the video more interesting, I made an effort today to record the beautiful women of Myanmar in their wet T-shirts without being overtly pervy about it.

Right out of my soi onto the main road, the first bit of revelers included this person. A Burmese Ladyboy. You don't see that many of them here. This place remains far more conservative than Thailand.

Next we have the queen of the float! She's definitely in charge of this truck.

Myanmar beauties come in many shapes and colors. Here's two in one framegrab that worked out well.

 There's girls trying look glamorous...

As well as working class girls...

Not all the women were having a good time, however. 

Of course, there were lots of other interesting framegrabs from today's festivities.

People living in the moment. Like I gotta make this phone call RIGHT NOW.

 Your humble blogger.

 Enjoy the video.

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