Friday, August 2, 2013

Weekend Update

I realize it's been almost a week since I've updated the blog, so here is a quick note to let you know what's been going on.  

My computer has been sick. Had to be some serious virus or malware or something as it disabled my internal wifi adapter, shut down all virus scan software, made my favorite game unplayable and basically made the computer into a fancy typewriter.  Important for preparing lesson plans and school stuff, but useless for communication. 

It also left me a week to sit at home in the evening and come up with new things to do.  In the evenings, I do go out on a nightly search for food, but mostly, I'm at home on the computer. So, after this week, the tips of my fingers are nice and well calloused again after lots of ukulele playing, I've made a big dent in my library of unread paperbacks, I know 20 new words in Thai and I'm much more familiar with Asian news and politics as I watched a lot of the English news service from NHK are Arirang (out of Japan and Korea respectively).  Maybe I should spend less time on the computer regularly; those are all good things to have done. 

Ultimately, I gave up on trying to fix it myself and took it to the mall to get expert help.  I found a dealer of my brand and the tech there tried reinstalling the wireless card's drivers.  Through broken English and a little Thai, he got across the fact that it wasn't doing any good, and I needed to reinstall Windows.  Ugh.  Such a hassle.  I'd lose all the programs I've added to this computer and would spend days reinstalling them.  At least he didn't charge me anything to give me the bad news. 

So that is what I am doing this weekend.  

In other news, I have an ambitious goal of losing 20 pounds in the month of August.  I've already lost 15 since coming to Thailand without even trying, and if I just go on a little bit of a regimen, I'm sure I could lose more.  Here's the plan:  1. Stick to Thai portions.  See, when you order food here, they give you enough so that you're not hungry anymore, but you don't get that FULL feeling that we're used to after eating in the west.  Sometimes, I've found myself craving that full feeling and will get another portion or have a second course of something else.  Not doing that anymore.  2. Watch what I drink.  Pepsi, Fanta, CocaCola, beer, these are all very common beverages here and I like them too much.  Cutting out those useless calories.  3. Basketball three times a week.  This will be very easy.  I don't need to join a gym or go anywhere special.  I work at an all-boys high school, and there's pickup basketball everyday after school right out the backdoor of my office.  Not only is it okay that I join in, it is considered a good thing as I am engaging the students extracurricularly and showing a willingness to get involved.  I found out that the school actually does have a basketball team; something I had been told otherwise before. 

It's been funny seeing the regular basketball players' attitudes towards me
change this week as I've assumed this regimen.  At first, none of the kids wanted to guard me and were very hesitant about doing something as bold as fouling me. See, I'm a teacher.  Thai students are very respectful of their teachers.  Consequently, I could just drive to the basket in my slow, 240-pound, 40-something way and shoot unmolested.

 As a player, I prefer playing defense; blocking a shot is way more fun than making one.  Even as old and slow as I am, blocking a shot is as much about timing as it is jumping or how tall you are, so it's something I can still do.  Getting one's shot blocked is an embarrassing thing too.  Now that I've swatted half a dozen of their attempts, there's far less hesitancy to go up against Teacher Joko and guard me like I'm any other player.  I prefer it that way.

No video today as I've not recorded anything nor do I have software for editing at the moment.  Those will both change today. 



  1. Good luck on loosing some pounds. It is hard, but so worth it. Just keep at it. Try to say no. Hungry is not a ad feeling once you et used to it. Everytime I feel hungry I think maybe I should not eat because then I will loose some pounds. I look at fast food and just say no. Everytime I go out into the world.

  2. Sorry about your computer. I really have a tough time when I'm without the use of mine. Good luck with the weight loss. I haven't figured out how to do it yet. I need to learn that smaller portion thing.

  3. I have found it is interesting the things I can find to do when my computer is put away. When the grandkids come to visit, they have to leave the electronic "toys" at home and the cell phones are turned off while visiting gma.

  4. Well done on deciding to lose weight! it will be easy for you because of the food there and the climate as well. I always lose a little bit when I'm there and I don't event try.


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