Monday, August 26, 2013

Missing the Newbie Joko

Gone is the old me that would be able to make a fascinating day trip out of a search for shoe laces. Gone is the Joko whose every day in this new country was an adventure. Gone is the guy who tripped out over the fact that 'Tom Yum Soup' was an actual setting on his microwave. Gone is the newbie who could react with tremendous interest and excitement over every little nuance of my school, students and new life.

I miss that guy.

A corner has been turned, a boundary crossed. I haven't yet become jaded like most farang teachers become, and I hope I never do (the AF has a couple good role models in that regard: Frannie and Matthew come to mind). Still, I think I can say personally that I'm no longer a newbie. I still can't speak the language very well. I don't have a Thai girlfriend looking to become my wife. I've yet to invest in a bar. All those things said, after 4 months in the country, I can certainly say I've gotten used to the place.

Unfortunately, in some ways, that changes my 'eye' and 'voice' when it comes to seeing and writing about this place.

Soon, most of my training cohort will leave the country after their contracts are up and I won't even have experiences like the following to record and talk about.

Part One of the Ayutthaya Reunion video here:


  1. You sound a bit down. I hope your enthusiasm returns.

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  3. Sorry to hear that you are feeling like that. I'm sure it's just temporary.

  4. The Best is yet to come... the language - more trips, deeper understanding of the country and some nice lady will no doupt nab you at some point ... get a book on Water buffalo maintenance :-)

  5. You don't seem too down to me. I'm sure a doctor would say both your right and left "Hemorspears" of your brain are just fine. John - Seattle


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