Monday, August 5, 2013

The Emerald Buddha Temple

Nothing much to write about today, but I do have a fun video from Saturday to share.  I made two versions of it; here's a link to one with some traditional Southeast Asian music as it's background. 

The one you see below features The Pigeons... err... I mean, The Eagles.


  1. It must be frustrating to not get many comments after your overwhelming presence on Myspace.

    Keep posting, it make your mother happy to see what you are doing.

    1. No, not really. At least, not any more. My MySpace popularity was a good 3 years ago now, and so I've had lots of time to adjust.

      It's about me having fun creating, not how many people see it.

  2. I always read but seldom ever comment .....but i do find it interesting :)

  3. Same here Joko -- Always fascinated to click in for the latest updates. Just never big on commenting.
    Your video presentation /editing and writing is supreme! Love it. Very enjoyable to watch/follow. Talent! Keep 'em posting!

    Your former co-worker and bud in Seattle... You know, the one who can't stand Berkeley libs, but finds you're still cool.. And the one who you think is still pretty cool, even though he voted for George Bush 4 times (twice as Governor, twice as President). Yeah that one.

    Take care over there.

  4. Enjoy all your videos. I am a subscriber but I did not get this latest video notice. Love the pigeon shots. Really all your videos are edited well. Poor guard having o just stand there. I am not on my space, but I am on facebook are you? It seems you do a lot of posting on MYSPACE.
    Love to see what you are doing, it is so interesting.

  5. I'm another one who loves to look but never comments. I am finding your blog very interesting. I love to see how the other cultures live. I have travelled to China, Cambodia and Viet Nam and live in Canada. Keep the videos coming and be safe.


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