Sunday, August 11, 2013

How to Mount the Camera on the Motorcycle

I had this idea on how to mount my camera onto my motorcycle so I could capture some of my driving experience here in Bangkok.  My bike has this cheesy, yet handy, metal basket mounted on the front.  My idea was to cut a camera-lens sized hole in the front of it and use zip ties to hold the camera in place.  

I figured a nice pair of sturdy aviation sheers would be sufficient to cut the metal of the basket.  

Unfortunately, the classic WISS-style (made in my birth state of Wisconsin, I believe) cutters are not to be found here in Thailand. There are wire cutters, to be sure, but I wasn't sure they'd do the trick. When I thought about it, I really don't want to be buying a bunch of tools here in Thailand anyways.  Who knows how long I'll be here.  I certainly don't at this point. 

Instead, I just took my bike down to the little motorcycle repair shop half a block from my house, explained (again using lots of miming and gesturing) what I wanted to do to the basket.  The mechanic understood and he had a much better solution for how to cut through the metal basket than what I'd thought up.  He removed it entirely and used a hammer and a chisel on a wooden anvil to pound through the metal.  Took him 10 minutes and he charged me 30 Baht ($1). 

Now, I've got a stable platform to show the world the wild and exciting world of driving a motorcycle through Bangkok.  



  1. Cool, Joko, but keep your head on a swivel while riding! we don't want to see video your video added to the many viral videos from Asia roadways of things that go splat! Jd Lynnwood

  2. Can't wait till tonight when I ca see it. We are driving up I5, almost to Oregon. Any info on getting a position after your contract is up?

  3. Got to see it. It was much smoother than I expected. I hate things that are hand held in motion. Make me feel dizzy. This did not.

    1. That is also in part due to a new stabilizing feature available on YouTube. They digitally make your video less shaky for you.


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