Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Fat Guy WIth a Day Off

I have discovered some nice advantages to being a fat guy here in Thailand.  First off, when it comes to the swimming here at the wonderful Naiharn Beach in Phuket, I have a built in life preserver. I have found wonderful peace floating at night in the gentle surf. I close my eyes, relax entirely in my bouyant
weightlessness and just chill.  There's nothing like it.  See, my belly floats.  I've got my own built in flotation device.

Second, I have had my belly rubbed more often in this last week than in the rest of my life put together. Maybe it's a Buddhist thing; I don't know, but in every instance where I've gotten comfortable with a Thai person, they
end up rubbing my belly.  I do have a certain Buddha-esque physique. I'm a walking good luck charm.

Buddha belly. Got it.  Buddha conciousness, a long way off, but I'm certainly closer to it now than I was a week ago.

The rumor going around the program is that tomorrow, we find out our teaching assignments.  The mystery of exactly WHERE in Thailand I will be teaching once this training is over ends tomorrow.  I'm so excited. I hope I get a good assignment!

Today, was our first full day off from our rigorous TEFL training. I kinda was hoping I could get someone to come with me on this journey, but touring on your own is actually much better. I went where I wanted at my own pace, and made a video blog I am happy with... With all Thai music!

Elephants! Big Buddha! Wat Chalong! Hordes of Korean tourists! Today's video has it all! 


  1. Sweet, man!

    You really know how to put together movies. I like your choice of Thai music, maybe mention the title?

    I was too scared to snap anything in a temple, did you ask for permission or what?

    The elephants are really interactive... Was that a squeal?

    The kat on the visitors' book a nice touch. Awe I miss my Siamese cat...saw one the other day that was its double, just looking at me...

    Nice, thank you,

  2. The CD I bought with the Thai music, as you might imagine, is written in Thai, the letters for which I haven't learned yet... Then there's the question of how do I get my computer to type those characters... Glad you enjoyed it, and yes the elephants squealed when the food ran out.

  3. Loved it. Hope you get a good assignment. Tired tonight. Just spent a nice evening with my brother Keith.

  4. Hey Joko,
    I really enjoy your blog a while, and hope you'll find in Thailand, what you're searching for. Just thought about Thai, and asked wikipedia (as I did in german wiki). Try it! And about High/Medium/Low-Speaking try e.g. for buffalo, chicken, egg (for phonetic separation use "L"). It's a pain ;-). "translate" even offers the types e.g. for Word.

    Best for you, Heinz (uu:elmann,yt:ktschp)


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