Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Moving Yakkity Sax Video with a Love Poem

Four days left in Seattle! Nine in the USA!

I set myself the task today of the dump run. I had these two relatively nice dressers that might have been worth a bit of money if they weren't in need of minor repairs. I didn't feel like selling them for a pittance, instead, just dump em. They each weighed about 150 pounds, and I was going to get them out of my miniscule basement apartment alone. The perfect fodder for a Yakkity Sax video. Every time I've moved in the last few years, I always find occasion to make a speeded up video set to Yakkity Sax, AKA The Benny Hill Theme Song.

I swear, one could make a video of grass growing and it would be entertaining set to this tune.

Note at 2:15 in the vid where a bunch of papers that I didn't even know were in there came falling out of the dresser on it's way over the edge. If I had not first try to dump the thing on the wrong axis, hitting the wire above, dropping it and breaking it apart further, then the hidden papers behind one of the drawers would never have escaped and the love poem I had written my ex-wife would have fallen into oblivion, never to have been shared on You Tube. Enjoy!

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