Sunday, April 7, 2013

Down to Two Suitcases!

The light looks different today as I type. I’ve taken down the curtains. My Elvis lamp got sold at the pawn shop yesterday for $10 (I’m surprised they took it!), so I write just by the glow of laptop screen. The only pieces of furniture left in the place are the desk on which this puter sits, the chair in which my ass sits and the bed I’m sleeping in tonight and I’ve already sold that to the next tenant. Tomorrow, the desk and chair go. I’m also going to sell my van and close out my bank account. The day after that, I fly to California for a couple days with Mom & Dad, and then it’s off to Thailand.

My place now sounds different too. Especially in a tiny little apartment like this, the accoustics are very different when there’s a bunch of stuff in it versus when it’s completely empty. I’ve only noticed this because I am one of those people who talks to his or her cat. I talk to Bliss not only because there’s no one else to talk to, but because I am also leaving her behind. I think the senses this. Last night, she slept with me in my bed; something she does maybe once a month or so. She can’t help but notice the change in her physical environment with all the stuff gone. Maybe she wants to come with me.

It’s cold in here. Those window coverings did a lot to keep it warmer. In a couple days, I may never be cold again.

I did it. I pared all my worldly crap down to two suitcases. Never in my adult life have I been so lightly burdened. Even during my short time in the mid-90’s when I was homeless, I had more stuff (stored elsewhere) than I do now.

I haven’t gotten to the point of the Buddhist monk who owns nothing but the clothes he wears and his begging bowl, but getting to that from where I am now would be easier than getting from where I was 4 months ago to today.

Perhaps the best expression of this transitory unencumberedness will come 36 hours from now when I turn over my house keys. At that point, I will be keyless. Where are your keys? I bet you know, or if you don’t, you could find them pretty easily. Having keys to something is so much a part of modern life that we don’t even think about it. In a day and a half, I won’t worry about losing my keys. I won’t have any. Ironically, I’ll have 20 or so keyrings; they’re packed away in the luggage. I bought a bunch here to use as cheap “presents from America” to be given to people yet to be determined.

Have you ever been keyless?

A couple months ago, I was filled with uncertainty about this big change. It was far enough in the distance that I had room to be uncertain. Now, I just want to get on with it. I’m tired of my feet being cold (I mean that literally). I’m eager and anxious to explore the Land of Smiles. This timing was of my own design, but to put it in the most familiar phrasing, right now, I CAN’T WAIT!

As it is Sunday, it’s time for the Seasons of Ukulele, the weekly uke theme on ukulele underground. Haven’t missed one of these in months, and didn’t today. It’s my last uke video on North American soil...

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  1. Wow. That is one huge step. Even if I were in my young prime and healthy, I would never do that. Visit maybe, but leave here for way. I think you know I wish you all the best. At least I hope you can still blog from there. Be safe, be careful my friend.


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