Friday, June 2, 2017

On the Go in Manado 16 - Pulisan and More

Sunrise at Pulisan
Partly because I didn't want to go back up the track leading to the resort and partly because it was so nice and peaceful there, I spent a couple days there at the Pulisan Jungle Beach Resort. 

During check in, I was told by the manager about some of the odd facts about the remote facility. Only four hours a day of electricity (from a generator). I was warned not to leave food out as critters from the adjacent jungle would find their way into the bungalows. These included rats and scorpions. 

Late at night, as I was woken up by the feeling of something insectlike crawling on my back. Normally, I would jump right out of bed, but realizing it could be a scorpion, I was cautious. It crawled off. Later, I woke again to the same sensation. This time, I rose carefully and turned on my portable lamp. I've never been so relieved to see a cockroach! In fact, it didn't even bother me. This wasn't a city cockroach that lives on garbage. This was an organic jungle cockroach, not dirty at all! 

The next day, it was time to do more of what Manado is best known for: diving sports. In my case, just snorkeling.

The reef could be reached just by swimming out from the resort's beach. Although there weren't all that many fish around, the corals themselves were amazing. So many different colors! 
Enjoy the video

But that's not all...  Two vids in one blog today. 

Really steep road ahead!
The next morning, it was back up the horrible track leading to the resort and on the road. I wasn't sure where I was going next. 

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