Thursday, April 17, 2014

Yacht Rock for Day Five.

The fifth day of Thingjan. The water play seems to have died down, but the Buddhist monastery a block from my home blasts away on their sound system like it's Holy Week.

Err, it is Holy Week. Yesterday was Palm Wednesday, and tomorrow is Good Friday.  Here, it's day five of Thingjan... and everything is still closed.  Supermarkets, most restaurants, the important stuff. I've had this surreal desire for a pizza for a few days now. Thailand's most popular pizza restaurant, The Pizza Company, recently opened a restaurant not too far from my home here in Yangon, Myanmar. Been there once already.  It was good.

Went there again tonight, thinking Day Five, they have to have re-opened.

Nope.  They were closed.

Their lights were on. There were half a dozen staff visible just inside the locked glass doors. One of them came out to talk to me.

"Tomorrow, we'll be open from..."

I stopped him there. What you're doing fucking tomorrow don't mean shit!  I want pizza NOW!!

Thingjan has been fun. I've never experienced a celebration quite like this. The whole society switched modes in honor of this holiday. I'm looking forward to next year. 

As this holiday has provided me with a lot of time off, I've been busy with my two favorite hobbies: video making and uke playing! I got some of both to share with you.

Last week, I went to Ngwe Saung on the west coast of Myanmar. About 100 miles from here.  On the way home, in the daylight, I recorded a bunch of stuff from the window of the bus.  Jeez.  How could anyone make that kind of footage interesting?  Set it to some Kill Bill.

Now, that's going back like a week. 

A couple days ago, I posted a video here that I made after some angry disappointment. See, I thought I'd already made it, but when I went to upload it, I couldn't find it. So, I made it from scratch all over again.  When I went to upload it (the vid from my last blog), well, lo and behold, there was the first one!  Since it's already online, I suppose I should share.

As I said, ukulele playing has been part here of my month off. What an interesting theme this week from my friends as the Seasons of the Ukulele community.  It's YACHT ROCK week!  This being that smooth, soft rock that dominated the airwaves, the early MTV and best seller charts in the late 70's and early 80's. Think Artists like Kenny Loggins, Christopher Cross, Michael McDonald.  Bands like Chicago, Alan Parsons Project, The Doobie Brothers, Asia.. that kind of stuff.

Easy listening rock that pre-yuppies enjoyed on their yachts...

I actually made TWO videos (thus far) this this Yacht Rock theme.  The first was a classic love duet I sang with myself...

Err... umm.. it looks like my Kyats have run out on my pre-pay phone/internet conncection. Can't get anything to download. I hope I can up load this.

As for the songs, you'll have to view them on my YouTube page:

never mind... got it to work by yelling at the top of my lungs about how much the internet sucks here. Somehow, things are working better now.


  1. Whenever you are totally bummed by the slow internet, remember dial-up. Or svn further back, no internet at all! I still think you should keep a paper diary.

  2. Okay - I think you need to learn to control those pizza cravings. You sounded like me when I need chocolate!!! I try to remember dial up when I get frustrated with my internet. Helps bring me back into the zone.


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