Friday, April 11, 2014

If You Can't Beat Em; Join Em!

As I mentioned in the video tour of my neighborhood, the monastery half a block from my place is the center of this corner of the Hledan Market community. Every morning at 7 AM, they play music and prayers over their substantial sound system, which I don't mind as I'm usually up earlier than that. Today though, their sound system reached new levels at the hands of a skilled deejay. The bass rattled my windows. Made the floor shake. I couldn't really do any of my audio/video editing stuff I've been doing all day today. So, I went next door, grabbed the neighbor kid who waters my plants and said, “you, you're going to be my cameraman!” and headed off to the monastery.

Sure enough, there was a stage set up, from which I'm going to hear more of later tonight. I walked up on stage and asked for a mic. If you can't beat em, join em!


  1. Hilarious. Now some Burmese dude is sitting in his apartment trying to edit his video blog complaining about some strange American down the street with his ukulele music echoing through his closed windows. That's a fine example of can't beat 'em, join 'em as I've ever seen! lol
    (The kid's camera skills need work.)

  2. Glad to see you take charge. Looked like you had fun with it.


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