Friday, April 11, 2014

Day Two: Snorkeling, Shopping, Ukulele and Fire Dancers

Who remembers the film Castaway with Tom Hanks? A big plot point in that story was getting his improvised raft past the crashing surf. I've been to lotsa beaches in my life. I've played in the water in all of them. When calm, like in Phuket and the north coast of Java, I floated around in the water and peacefully enjoyed the ocean. In place like California, the South of Bali and recently, Ngwe Saung here in Myanmar, when there were big waves coming in, I got to bodysurf, that fun activity where you let your body be taken into shore like a surfboard would be. You get to feel completely outta control as the crashing wave twists and turns you completely beyond any ability for you to manipulate. Good fun.

Big waves are fun coming in. If you're trying to get a boat out, different story. I didn't get it on video because I knew my camera might get wet, but `getting our 5 person canoe out past the the crashing waves was an experience as Tom-Hanks-Castaway as I will ever experience. I commend the crew for their sense of timing of the waves and their rowing skills. Otherwise, This is Burma #11 would have never commenced.

Let's see if I can get it uploaded before this internet cafe closes...


  1. What a beautiful place! For all the hardships and infestations, you are living your dream. Much better than a Seattle basement!

  2. Great visuals in that one! Sunset.. flame spinning.. Awesome! -rj


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