Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Departure Time

So, this is it. The morning of my departure from Thailand. The bags are 98% packed. I can't think of anything I've forgotten to do, and I'm enjoying my last cup of coffee here in my apartment, preparing myself for another epic journey.  

I contrast this journey to my last one, when I came here from America.  Similarly, I had no idea what to expect nor how well I was going to adapt.  This morning, as I took a luke-warm shower and made my morning coffee in the microwave, I was thinking, "Will there be hot water in Yangon?"  I suppose I'll likely be making morning coffee in a kettle, if at all, as I don't expect a microwave.  Silly little creature comforts like these.  Trivial, really, but that's what I'm thinking about. None of those kinds of thoughts crept in when I left America.  

Anyways, I shouldn't dally. My flight leaves at noon, and being my mother's son (whose notoriously early to everything), I was thinking I should be there at 8 AM... but that's far too early.  9 AM is still early enough. There will be immigration stuff to complete at the airport, with both the Thai and Burmese authorities (you have to show the necessary paperwork allowing you in the country before you're even allowed ON a flight to Myanmar). 

My thanks to you all who've followed this blog as I've written about my experiences over the last ten months.  The journey continues...


  1. Here's hoping all goes smoothly on your transition to Myanmar. You really can learn to live without a microwave but it was a struggle for me and that was only for four weeks. Sure am looking forward to whatever blogs you can get posted.

  2. Chilling out in the very comfortable transit lounge at Bangkok's Suvarnabumi Airport. Everything's going smoothly... Soon to board the plane!


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