Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mount Popa to Naypyitaw

As I mentioned previously, Mount Popa is the heart of nat reverence in Myanmar. Nats being the old gods, the pre-Buddhist spirits who inhabit and control these lands. My favorite of these "saints" has to be Kyawswa, the drunken god. Here he is in this picture.

It was a great road east out of Kyaukpadaung. Smooth. Not much  traffic. Then I turned south to catch the Magway-Naypyitaw Highway.  I suppose I shouldn't complain. I mean, these quirky, backcountry roads are what I like about these roadtrips of mine. Yeah, it's a bit annoying having to drive through every river on the road as opposed to over these rivers, but there we are.

traffic in rural myanmar


  1. I am happy that you survive on horrible roads without being hurt. I also must admit, you are great at creating videos! Thank you. Blessings, Lynn

  2. Enjoy your posts. Also your parents posts but haven't seen a new one for a while. Are they ok?


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