Thursday, May 5, 2016

Tour d'Borneo 8: Pemangkat to Singkayang

It's called the Natuna Sea
It was another short jaunt from the town of Pemangkat down to West Borneo's second largest city, Singkawang. 

At the start of the video, I extoll the virtues of bubur, rice porridge. As I mention, rice porridge is sold in every country by different names all over SE Asia. Without a doubt, Indonesia makes the best. 

The food was perhaps the most memorable part of the journey other than the roads themselves. Every time I was hungry, I found the most delicious options everywhere I went. Not only is the food different in Indonesia, but the way they eat it different too. Eating with my hands is messy.  

I suppose you can guess what the sign says.
After finding a room, once again I turned to the Google maps to show me how to get to what looked to be an interesting zoological garden. When I stopped for lunch, I learned that the road no longer went all the way through to where the zoo was. That was okay, I had plenty of time and the little coastal road was worth it on its own merit.


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  1. It's really amazing watching what you see. Thank you. Blessings... Lynn


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