Sunday, May 10, 2015

Almost There

Week three is in the books and week 4 is about to begin.  Yeah, it was tough.  A lot of written assignments were due on top of the grueling demands of having to write comprehensive lesson plans pre-teaching and difficult self-evaluations afterwards.  Having to deal with critiques, failing, resubmissions... a lot of my peers had a hard time handling it.  I heard quiet sobbing in the computer room.  More tears in the cantina.  It was a tough week.

Again, I spent my weekend getting a jump on the week's assignments.  Right now, I've finished my final writing assignment, and have planned my 7th of 8 teaching practices.  When it comes to the hard work, I'm pretty much done.  Whew!!

So tonight, I thought I'd catch up on the editing the video footage from my vacation week that came before this whole CELTA course... Two videos for you (if Blogger will let me do that, which it usually doesn't..._

And now, part 4... The Tiger Kingdom


  1. Wow! Tigers of all ages and sizes. Are they drugged or just very very well fed?

    1. The tiger tamers said that all the animals there were born at that very site and raised from kittenhood by their handlers. That explains their docility. Still, before going into the place, you have to sign a waiver saying you won't sue them in case you get mauled.

  2. Amazing! Utterly amazing! :) Blessings, Lynn


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