Saturday, September 20, 2014

More Firsts

Me waiting my turn for the OR.
"DON'T MOVE!!" the surgeon yelled from behind me as I lay on my side on the operating table. I froze, still shaking a bit. Sure, they had told me half a dozen times in their preparation not to move, but I wasn't expecting that level of pain!  I'd already felt a few stabs of pain from the anesthetist's big needles. I could feel that my back was numb. I thought the worst of it was over.

"Relax your body. Relax your mind," the nurse who was holding my head said in a soothing voice. "Relax your body.  Relax your mind," she continued chanting. Uh, okay. I did my best. It actually kinda worked too.

Well, that momentary spasm mustn't have had that big of an effect, as the doctor seemed pleased with his results. 

What followed next was an order to lay flat on my back without as much as even sitting up for the next eight hours in the recovery room.  That's quite a long time to remain in one position (he did allow me to roll on one side or the other for short periods).  Fortunately, one of customer service officers from my language school came with me (the hospital actually wouldn't even perform the surgery unless I had a 'helper' with me).  For those next eight hours, she fed me, helped me drink and we made small talk to pass the time.

All in all my first time in a hospital wasn't all that bad, and it was one of but several firsts that day.

1. First time I've been in an operating room.
2. First time I've had a nurse chant over me. (see above)
3. First time I've ever peed in bed (while actually trying to do so).
4. First time I've ever had someone help me pee (that I remember).
5. First time I've seen a human being who looked like a Grey Alien (the poor girl
they rolled into recovery had a cranium that was the size of a basketball.  Very scary and disturbing. Apparently fluids were not draining from her head).
6. First time I've eaten my lunch via a straw.
(It was rice soup, so it was faily easy to suck up)

Most importantly...

7. This morning was my first time in 7 weeks that I've woken up without being in excruciating pain!

YAY!  Let's hope that disc stays deflated and doesn't burst out again.


  1. Get better soon, Joko. I know back pain is really tough and enduring it for weeks is no fun at all--I'm amazed at how you've kept your spirits up.

  2. Think of the pain, and then quit smoking. I am sorry I keep saying that, but I know, as does the medical professionals, that smoking really realy decreases your healing. I so want you to be well and stay well for a long long time. My nagging is done with love. I bet you didn't get a smoke in that recovery room. Or at least I hope you didn't. You know I understand. I have been there.

  3. Glad it is over for you. Take is very easy and let things heal just cause you feel better don't over do. PS Ditto what you Mamma said, smoking slows healing. Be well, Joko.


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