Monday, September 8, 2014

Eight million people missing in Myanmar

Just finished watching Myanmar defeat Thailand 2-1 in a soccer match. The Philippines is hosting a regional cup type thing, and if I understood my Burmese correctly, Myanmar now moves on to play Indonesia in the finals.

I'm such a homey. I've lived in half a dozen different American metroplexes, and now a handful of Asian countries. When it comes to sports, I always root for the home team. Consequently, I'm a fan of a whole bunch of different teams, but wherever I'm at, I scream and cheer for my homeys! Take THAT you Ayutayans! We still kick your ass!

Side note of interest: the word in Burmese for Thailand is Ayudaya. An entire country named after a kingdom we crushed 250 years ago.

Did I say 'we'?

Well, since I sat and watched it, I feel like part of the 'we'. This goal by Htke Htke Aung as just awesome.

I heard my neighborhood chanting “HTKE! HTKE! HTKE!” after that goal. If you can hear in your head what a chant of Htke sounds like, you get an A+ in Asian phonics. The goal ain't on YouTube yet, but I'll post it when it gets there.  Very Youtubeworthy.

'We' are having some problems. We had a census a couple months back. The first one in 37 years. Previously, the population had been just estimated. Now that we've counted each other, we got a bit of a problem...

Eight million people missing in Myanmar. 

As Myanmar’s initial census report was announced the population at 51,419,420 on August 30, 2014, suspicion arises among Myanmar people.
In 2008, Myanmar’s population was nearly 58 million. In 2010, the government estimated that Myanmar’s population was 59 million.
According to that list, 8 million people were vanished within four years. It is like 2 million people decreases per year.


  1. I missed reading this blog post until now.

  2. Make that 8 million and 1. We haven't heard from you in a while. No postings. :( Where are you Joko?


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