Sunday, June 22, 2014

Quest for Crocs!

Not a river. It's a road
Seems like a lot of my blog lately has been devoted to footwear. I think it's because it's the rainy season; you pay more attention to what's on your feet when you have to make your way through flooded streets.

Watch the video at the end of the blog. I think it worked out well. The pics throughout the blog are screen captures from the video.

A Burmese Beauty
In other news, my 6-hour-a-week schedule is over; I've picked up another class. Now, that only brings me up to 12 hours a week, so I'm still taking it easy, but it is a noteworthy class. It's my first opportunity to teach a corporate class, a segment of my school's business without which, we wouldn't be here. In a corporate class, the teacher goes to the company's facility and teaches there. I just finished my first week doing this.

It's been great! Everyone in the class already knows
The guy behind me is wearing almost the same shirt
each other, and they're in a familiar place. Consequently, the students seem to be more relaxed, more open and more ready to learn. When I left their office this last Friday night, I knew I had delivered a fantastic lesson. Everyone was enthusiastic and appreciative, and I got this tremendous sense of satisfaction with my job. I really do love being a teacher at moments like that. 


  1. A job well done is always satisfying.

  2. Love, love all the flowers in the market. I would have flowers all over my house if I lived there, The art was great to see would like to see more of it. The stacks of fabric was a such a burst of color, I enjoyed seeing it and BTY, I would like to buy some. Love this video! You are doing so well and having such a great experience. Someday when you look back you will have a big smile and great memories.

  3. As you know, I enjoyed teaching adults much more than kids. You do have to be prepared, and not waste their time, but adults see the value in what you are teaching or they wouldn't be there.

    There was a pretty good documentary about Myemar the other night. It was mostly about the food, but gave us a peek into what you face every day. There should be work for someone who can relate to the people and teach English. Keep working hard, maybe next year you will be able to get a place to live without so many problem critters.


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