Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Some of you might remember this blog here dated the 23rd of March where I asked my real estate agent to request of the landlords that they take care of a certain pigeon problem.  See, there was a whole flock of them roosting in the loft space separating my ceiling from the roof.  They have been bugging the heck out of me all this time with their cooing, comings and goings and noises that I'm guessing were pigeon sex.  Plus, they had chicks up there and their squawking was particularly annoying.

Today (after two months waiting), the problem has been taken care of. I hope. I can hear them now up on the corrugated metal roof, landing, shuffling about, trying to get in, but as of yet, I've heard none on the ceiling tiles. I looked out the back window and saw about half a dozen pigeons on the building across the way, looking consternated, eyeing the eaves of my building.

How could I tell the pigeons were consternated? Well, they just looked that way, okay?

I actually felt kind of sorry for them for a second. I've been the cause of a rock dove eviction. They're now homeless pigeons. They've lost their roost.

Ah, fuck 'em (pardon my French).

I don't know to what extent they cleaned up the damage, i.e., shit, that they've caused up there for who knows how long, but at least they're gone.  For now.

Remarkable creatures, pigeons AKA rock doves. Did you know their original habitat was just a small area on the Mediterranean coast of Spain?  They're a species that has thrived as modern human civilization has thrived.  I can't say this for sure, but I know they live in every major city in the USA.  I've seen them now both in Bangkok and Yangon, so I'd have to guess they're in every city in between, that being pretty much every other city in the world. 

They've also fixed the leak above my bed.  Again, we'll wait and see until the next really heavy rain.

The carpenter fixed the pigeon problem. They were still working on it when I arrived home from teaching today.  With him was a cleaning lady, who had already done wonders in sweeping, mopping and scrubbing my apartment to sparkling perfection.  She is apparently available for regular cleaning duties too.

I hired her.  Once a week, I now got a lady coming in who'll wash my dishes, sweep, mop, etc.  Might seem a bit luxurious for a bachelor living in an 800 sq foot apartment to need a cleaning lady, but my cost for her services?  $3/per week. My salary here would put me just a bit above the poverty line in the USA, but even then, $3 is $3. Well worth the peace of mind that having a spotlessly clean abode brings.

* * *

Got both a pic and video to share in the multimedia portion of tonight's blog.

I took this picture in my 'young teenagers' class (they're all actually like 11 or 12).  We were playing a game of 'categories' wherein it's important, if you want to win, to have a unique answer to each question than no one else has come up with, so copying, or letting someone copy off you, is a bad idea. Mind you, these kids copy off each other the time; it's sort of the Asian way.  Cooperation is an essential part of their culture (see here).

When a game is involved, different story.  They built little walls.

The theme for this week's Seasons of the Ukulele: Puppets and Parodies.  I borrowed the puppet, a traditional Burmese one, from a co-worker.  The parody is of Rhianna's mega-hit, Umbrella, and I talk about the onset of the monsoon.


  1. I must say, I enjoy reading your blog entries. I've never mentioned this, but I also have taken the TESL course a few years ago, and used to teach ESL as a volunteer where I worshipped. I've thought about teaching overseas, but since I do not have a university degree, I thought it may not be possible. Thank you for posting about your efforts as a teacher. Blessings, Lynn (your fellow blogger)

  2. Great news. I hope thet do not find a way in again real soon. It might require more, but at least it is a start.

  3. Loved the Rhianna "cover". Keep em coming. I may be old enough to be her NaNa, but I can't get enough Rhianna! LG


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