Friday, March 8, 2013

30 Days to Go

So today marks one month before I leave Seattle.  One month left in this dingy, cramped 500 square foot basement apartment I've lived in for over two years now.  As an example of how isolated I've become here in my current life, in the last two years, I have had a total of ZERO social visits to my dingy, subterranian dwelling. 

It's as if the landlord who subdivided my apartment off of the regular house above my apartment figured "what is the minimum amount of space in which a single person could live and call a home?" That is what my apartment is.  Hence, the $575 per month rent. Really cheap by Seattle standards.  Add in utilities and that 575 per month comes to 700/mo, below average housing cost for a modern American. It's cheap. It keeps me warm. It is a roof over my head only 3 miles from work.  

I've never really liked it because it's so small.  Now, I've thrown away/donated/sold so many of my possessions that suddenly, this place seems spacious!  If it were a hotel room, I'd be happy with the kitchen and laundry facilities provided.  

Here's the point: now that I'm leaving and have gotten ridden of most my "stuff", I see again what I saw as this home's potential in the first place.  I've never LIKED living here.  It was just satisfactory.  What I've learned is that perhaps it wasn't that the place wasn't too small, but instead, I was too big.  

Heading off for Thailand with no more than two suitcases full of stuff requires me to be small again. Given my housing allowance provided for my upcoming teaching gig, I'm not expecting more than a 500 square foot apartment.  As I'll have far less stuff than I have now, for sure it will seem more spacious than my current dungeon. 

On top of the 30 day mark, another significant thing about today was that I got a promising lead for a new home for Bliss, my kitty cat.  I posted this flyer in the breakroom at work yesterday:

Today, a guy from our store came to me, described his place (which would be perfect for Bliss), and said he wasn't sure yet and needed to think about  it.  

I need to get his e-mail addy so I can bombard him with pics of the cute Bliss. 


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  1. Sure hope he will take her. Made the Airline reservation for the 9th, did you get the email?


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