Saturday, February 16, 2013

Goodbye Wanguruwe: Donating my first ukulele

I have determined that I have room in my luggage for two ukuleles.  As of this morning, I own five.  Of all my personal possessions I need to get rid of in the next 6 weeks, my ukuleles are my most personal, and none of these five are more personal that my only uke with a name, my very first uke, Wanguruwe.

I bought him from the proceeds of my piggy bank back in March of 2007.  He's been signed by a couple famous names in the ukulele world.  He's been in dozens of my YouTube videos, and his name 'Wanguruwe' will forever be google-linked with me and my first uke.

I did not have room for him in my luggage. He wasn't flat and square enough to fit into the two small boxes of stuff I'm leaving behind when I move overseas.

So, a week ago, I put out a notice at asking for some local person to please adopt Wanguruwe.  He deserves a better second-half of his ukulele life than to be donated to the Goodwill.

Susan, a lady whose involved with the art education scene in Tacoma responded to my ad.  She met me here in Seattle today and took custody of Wanguruwe.  I think, like me, he instantly recognized that this was a kindred spirit who would take good care of him.

Wanguruwe will become part of a children's education program sponsored by the Asian Art Institute in Tacoma.  If the kids in the program fulfill their practice requirements, they can earn a free uke.  Wanguruwe might be one of those.

I hope whatever kid earns himself Wanguruwe will enter his name in the YouTube search to understand what he or she is getting.

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