Thursday, December 27, 2012

Goodbye to Books & The Cascades

Boxing Day is not a holiday we celebrate in the USA, but on this December 26th, I packed up two full duffel bags worth of books and donated them at a local book depository.  I noticed later that it was on behalf of a children’s reading program; I don’t think the kiddies will get too much out of Karl Marx or Emile Durkheim.   

That said, it was good to continue to pare down the library.

I’m starting to do some things here for “the last time.”  For example, 4 of the last 5 winters I’ve been here in Washington State, I have traveled up to the Upper Skagit River Valley to view the bald eagle migration.  Although I didn’t see as many this year as in years past (six of em; I counted), their majestic presence was no less impressive.

To think, six months from now, I may be making videos about elephants instead of eagles.  In fact, I had my formal telephone interview with the head recruiter at ATI and I think it went very well.  He informed me they had 20 applicants for 5 remaining spots in the program; I suspect that might have just been a sales line used to ensure my enthusiasm, but it may also be true.  I’m waiting to hear on my application’s final status. 

I recently upgraded my video editing software, and I’m still learning about it’s capabilities and interface.  So, there are a couple glitches in this video of my Boxing Day adventures.   Enjoy!

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