Thursday, August 11, 2016


It's less than three weeks until my next motorcycle journey in West Java, Indonesia. It does kinda say something that my life is measured by how long it is until I get my next vacation. Things have become somewhat of a grind.

Things are changing here in Yangon. The pace of development has increased significantly. I see things changing so rapidly. There's half a dozen HUGE building projects in progress right now. It won't be until 2017 until they're done, but their potential for changing things looms large.

For me, of course, the biggest change has been Badger, the kitten I adopted 3 weeks ago. Oh, you should see all the scratches I've got. It's been a challenge to train this little guy that my hands are not playthings, and my legs are not trees to be climbed.

It's also Olympics time. I enjoy watching these international competitions, and my satellite TV package gives me plenty of feeds to watch. For example, this evening I watched China play Venezuela in basketball. Badger kitten enjoyed it too.

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  1. Cats like to follow with moving things But catching a ballplayer on a TV screen is not easy.


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