Friday, February 5, 2016


It's Progressive Rock Week (part 2) on the Seasons of the Ukulele contest at The band Rush was given as an example of a 'Prog Rock' band, and as I've always liked Rush, this seemed like a great opportunity for me to butcher one of their songs. Mind you, even on my best day, I can't sing like Getty Lee, and today I have a sore throat. My vocals are as understated as I get, and I turned up the reverb to compensate.

The backdrop is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This week, I was there on a visa run from Myanmar, so before I'd even learned the song, I was out on the streets getting snippets with which to make a video.

Some of the song's themes came out in the footage. For example, at 1:30 in the video, a couple female Japanese tourists wandered by while I was recording. They stopped, intrigued, and turned around wanting to take my picture. Suddenly I got self-conscious, unusual for me. I couldn't put aside the alienation and I said no. Besides, my uke was horribly out of tune after being de-strung for the flight and I couldn't really play it, I could pretend to play it for the camera, but I couldn't play it for these girls.  I failed in the momentary limelight.

Anyways, I don't post many uke videos here on the blog, but this one is half-travel.  I dunno what's up with this new formatting on Blogger. I couldn't post it via embed code as I usually do.

I had a weird dream two nights ago that kinda fits the overall "Leaving Amerika" l theme of this blog. In the dream, I was offered a job paying $60K/year, all I had to do was come back to the USA. Oh, what a conundrum roiling through by semi-conscious dream mind. I left the USA after my $60K/yr job turned into a $40K/yr job due to new corporate salary policies. If that hadn't happened, I might not even be here right now. If I could go back to making that... would I go home? I couldn't even think it through thoroughly as I was in a dream, but one which went on seemingly all night as my subconscious couldn't resolve an answer...

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  1. Prayer is very important. God will reveal to you. Blessings, Lynn


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