Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Myanmar Motorcyce Journey 11 - Ngapali to Gwa

Tired traveler looking for a
beach to rest.
It was New Years Eve Day, the last day of 2015. I was being forced out of Ngapali, Myanmar's most exclusive beach resort.  There were no rooms available; I hadn't made reservations. It was perhaps, a good thing as the room rates at Ngapali were ridiculously expensive in the high season.

So I was on the road again! My goal was Kanthayar
Beach, not that far from Ngapali as the crow flies, but the roads were fair at best. I had read online that there were several places to stay in Kanthayar, but I didn't have any specific places in mind.

As you'll see in the video, as I headed south, things sorta went south.

I found Kanthayar (eventually), but there was a surprise waiting for me there.

Ultimately, I ended up in Gwa.

You'll notice in several of the next few videos that I frequently stop and donate money
at the numerous roadside collection points. I figured I wanted the good karma.

At the beach

Road Report:
Distance: 200 km (should have been about 160)
Travel time: 6 hours
Conditions: Excellent 1%, Good 15%, Fair 70%, Bad 14%


  1. I have a few suggestions and questions for you, but I think I'll email them.

  2. I praise God you found somewhere to stay, even though it wasn't a wonderful place to be. I truly felt badly for what you went through that day. Blessings, Lynn


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