Thursday, September 3, 2015

Myanmar Roads

There's so much I'm enjoying about my new home of Nay Pyi Taw. More than anything it's about having the freedom of my own vehicle. Yangon had a lot more places to go, but as I either needed to walk or take a taxi, I didn't do as much.

Here, particularly since I've made some new friends who also enjoy getting out of town and seeing the countryside, I'm loving life, exploring this foreign country and recording lots of neat footage to make videos out of...


  1. So glad you are enjoying your time there. I have a question for you ... How much are cigarettes? They are proposing and additional $2 per pack tax in California, and the other day I was talking to a Canadian and we were talking prices, she said cigarettes are $11 per pack Canadian. In New York they are over $8.

    1. 600 Kyats for a pack of the best selling brand. That's about 55 cents US.


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