Sunday, March 22, 2015

Another End of An Era

It's the last week of an era.  Next Monday, I'm going to be getting ready to teach my last class for what will be almost two months. Five weeks of vacation begins April 1st, and if there is an 'end of the school year' here, that's it. During the second half of my vacation, I'm taking the CELTA course I mentioned on the last blog, and that will continue for a couple weeks into the next teaching period.  

It's an end of an era as I'm also going to be saying goodbye to two dear friends with whom I've shared my time here.  If you're a regular reader, you've seen Anthony and I out and about exploring Myanmar.  He's leaving to intern at an international farming project in eastern Thailand and will be marrying his Thai girlfriend in the autumn.

You may also remember Dean, a teacher who arrived here one year ago on nearly the same day as I.  Haven't seen him around much these last 9 months as he has been up in capital, Nay Pi Daw, teaching on assignment.  We talk on the phone quite a bit.  Just arriving in a strange place at roughly the same time creates a bond that turned into friendship between Dean and I.  His plans aren't so certain, but he's moving on as well. 

I'm going to miss both these guys.

This last week of teaching should be fun.  I'm continuing to teach an academic writing course for a group of high-level working adults who are on their way to an overseas training program aimed towards helping them come back and improve Myanmar's education system.  I'm teaching teachers. Teachers make good students, and combine that with the subject matter, writing, and I'm really enjoying coming up with the curriculum and conducting this training.  It's going to be said to see them go as well.

Recently, I had a chance to make a brief visit back to America!  You can read about that on my other blog at> here.

Last week's Ukulele Underground theme was 'novelty tunes', that is, goofy, funny songs.  I chose that early-80's classic: Fish Heads


  1. Leaving good friends is always rough J.......maybe in the future this could make one hell of a reunion party.....anyways good luck in your travels my friend....and for gawds sake be careful uhhh.....:)

  2. Your time here has really gone fast. Sorry to hear Anthony is moving on, he seemed like he was someone you enjoyed hanging out with. Enjoy your vacation time.


  3. Thank you for the chuckle! :) Blessings...


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