Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Second Week of November

In a couple weeks, it will be the eight year anniversary of me buying my first digital video camera and uploading my first video onto YouTube. Since then, so much has happened, and although little of the really significant stuff got put video, there's enough out there that if ever I wanted to create a personal memoir, it wouldn't be written, it would be a movie.

This is the second week of November. This week doesn't hold any personal significance for me, but for some reason, I felt compelled to look back into my archives and see what I had been doing this week throughout my 7+ year vlogging career. I found some interesting stuff.

We'll start seven years ago. 2007. I had just moved to Seattle, Washington; a place which had created music I had admired for 20 years. 'Hunger Strike' by Temple of the Dog, circa 1991, was an amazing piece of music with two of the best singers on the planet, which had a low budget video centered in Seattle's Discovery Park. In this first vid from this week 7 years ago, I aim to recreate that video.

This week in 2008, I had recently adopted a little black kitten. It was also this week in 2008 that we elected a new president. So, I named my kitten Barack Insane Kitteh (RIP).

In 2009, Jolly Judd wrote a poem without anticipating that someone would later put it to ukulele. My most hardcore uke song is five years old this week.

By 2010, I was a regular at the Friday Night Open Mic in Snohomish, WA. I met lots of cool fellow musicians up there, and I think has been one of my favorite collobaration vids I've done. The harmonica player and I had never rehearsed together. I just asked him to come up and jam with me, and he graciously agreed.

In 2011, just like now, I got on some kind of nostalgia streak, and I took you on a tour of a bunch of my November vids from what at that time was 5 years of archives. If you're reading this, you may be in this one.

 In 2012, I took you up into the Cascades for a bit of Geology with Joko.

Come 2013, I was in Thailand, and this week a year ago, I was bringing you reports from random places. Samut Prakan.

As for this week in 2014, well, you'll have to check out my last blog.

Gonna have to bookmark this blog, because I know now that I'm going to be making videos like these for the next 10..15.. 20 years... until I die. The second week of November may have meant nothing at the start of this blog, but it might mean something going forward.

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  1. I must admit, you're good with that camera! Blessings...


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