Monday, October 6, 2014

On the Road to Lake Toba

I'm not an expert, per se, but after making over 1000 of them for YouTube, I think I know a little about what makes a compelling short video and what doesn't.  For example, when traveling by car or bus, it's easy to think that the scenery you shoot out the window will later make for interesting footage. That is rarely the case. The 'driving video' that won't bore your viewer to tears is one of the hardest home productions to pull off.

Tricks to make such a video more interesting include increasing the speed, using slow motion, picture-in-picture and as always, great music in the background.  It was an eight hour journey from Bukit Lawang to Lake Toba, and I reached deep into my bag of tricks to make it worth watching...  Enjoy.


  1. Well done! Remember that long Boreing movie dad made of the drive around the beltline of Dallas? The drive was bad enought, but watching the footage was worse. Your music was an excellent addition.

  2. I truly enjoy your videos and the music you use on them. Thank you. Blessings...


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