Sunday, February 23, 2014

Here Comes the Sun... Job Update

As I mentioned yesterday, I was working on setting up a job interview today. 

I didn't sleep well, fretting over what I was going to say, how I should dress, what lay in store for me if I couldn't find work soon.

Furthermore, Sunday is usually the day I work on a new ukulele video as part of the ongoing Seasons of the Ukulele contest over at  Saturday night, we find out the theme.

George Harrison songs.  I don't know any George Harrison songs.  There's 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps', but after this video here, no one is ever allowed to cover that tune again unless they're a virtuoso.

At 5:30 AM, I woke up, wide awake.  Thinking about the interview.  The sun wasn't even up yet. Soon, here comes the sun.  Hey, wait a minute.  That Beatles tune.  That sounds like something George would have written.  I wonder if he did?  A quick Google search confirmed what my ear was telling me.  Other that While My Guitar, it's probably the late Sir Harrison's most well known song.

I finally have a camera that can handle recording something as challenging as a sunrise. With my last camera, as I found out in its final dying days, a sunrise is just sort of an orange blur.

I dicked around a bit and was still on the road to my recording site a 6:40 AM, the hour of sunrise here in Bangkok.  Fortunately for me, we also have a lot of morning haze this time of year, and so the sun remained hidden behind clouds while I treked to my recording site at a nearby park.

You'll see the video below, uploaded in 720p HD for those with better internet connections (click the little gear thingy in the lower right of the screen)

I bought new razors this morning in preparation for shaving my 3-day beard before the interview. Wanted to look my best. I even wore a tie.  In my efforts to get as close a shave as possible, I did something I've done half a dozen times in my life, but not in the last 3 or 4 years: I nicked the mole on my upper lip right on the edge of my moustache.

If any of you guys have a facial mole, and you've accidentally shaved it, you know what happens.  Profuse, uncontrollable bleeding.  Moles aren't like regular skin, they don't stop bleeding for hours and hours after you cut them.  I shaved mine off 10 minutes before I planned on leaving.

Oh no!  I didn't even have any toilet paper! Stuck a bit of paper towel to it, and off I went. 

When I got to the site of the interview (20 minutes early, thank god), I stepped into the bathroom, wet the paper towel in hopes that by softening it, I would avoid the ripping off of any scab and thereby begin the bleeding anew.  No such luck, when I pulled off the paper towel, the bleeding started again.  Shit!  Talk about Murphy's Law of interviews! 

What could I do?  I just stood there in the bathroom for 20 minutes, applying pressure to the cut, trying to keep calm and my blood pressure down.  The bleeding was slowing, but I didn't want to have to sit there in the interview, dabbing my face to sop up blood.  That just doesn't look good.

At the appointed hour, I left the bathroom, off to the coffee shop where the interview was to take place.  I stood in line to buy a latte, and hesitantly applied my napkin to my face.

No blood.  The bleeding had stopped.  Just in time. 

As for the interview itself, it went great!  Me and my prospective future boss connected well, I effectively explained my strengths as a teacher and he expressed how I am just the kind of candidate they're looking for.  Couldn't have been better. Now, I Skype with the owner of the company as a final test, and I hope to have an offer from them soon.

And here's that George Harrison tune...


  1. As thae saying goes in the RV world ... all fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed. It's time for you to have some good fortune. Email as soon as you know. For better or worse.

    Much love and keeping you in my thoughts.

  2. Oh Yeah! best video yet.

    all the best with the job too.


  3. Oh, I'm so excited for you. Still fingers, toes, legs crossed and prayers for you. I love that video. That was fantastic.

  4. What kind of creature was that in the pond?

    1. In English, we'd call it a "water monitor". The video doesn't show scale very well, but that lizard was probably 5 feet long nose to tail. They're predators, live on fish, carrion and occasionally, stray cats and dogs. Nasty creatures, but they look cool.

  5. Awesome! Well done. And great story... leading up to the video. All the best on your job hunt. -- John, Seattle.

    1. I don't want to jinx anything by announcing anything until the ink is dry, but things are definitely moving forward.


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