Monday, November 11, 2013

Thailand versus California

Many times over the last 7 months, I've thought to myself how useful it would be to show my readers the scale of the place I am at versus something they know, say, a map of the state of California.

Unfortunately, I was too lazy to compose the overlapping maps using photoshop or what have you.  I have often thought, 'wouldn't it be cool if there were some app on the 'net that would do this for you?' and then was too lazy to look for it.

It exists!  It's called!

Turns out, Thailand is just a bit bigger than California.  However crowded California may seem, it also has about half the population of Thailand.

Click here for an interactive map from the website.

How about Thailand versus the UK? 

Here we are...

I hope this blog gives you a bit a sense of scale...


  1. It sure gives a scale... didn't know that Thailand is of such an odd shape.

  2. I'm with Peter & Bea - had no idea that Thailand was so fat in the middle. I thought it was just a long rather thin country. And it's definitely bigger than I thought it was. Now I want to go find something to overlay.

  3. Actually, I got the URL wrong in the initial post.. now fixed. It's

  4. Great time to post this. Makes me feel better about how far away Vietnam is from you. But keep us posted, either here or email on the weather.

    1. Right, if BK is in Santa Barbara, where the typhoon is right now would be somewhere near Denver.


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