Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Kanchanaburi Tales

Okay, so a lot of this is repeating what I wrote about in my last blog, which was the framegrab version of my first Kanchanaburi video.

It's hard to believe I still have like 10 more days of vacation, but had to come home today because I reached my budgeted allowance for what I could spend this break on traveling. Such is the teacher's life. Well respected, but not well paid.

Please enjoy Part One of the Kanchanaburi Tales...

If only Chaucer had had a video cam...


  1. Keeping to abudget it hard. We are doing that too. How much are smokes?

  2. I really enjoyed that video. Never knew that is where the Bridge over the River Kwai is.

  3. Dad and I just watched the video. You just keep getting better. The song in part two .... well, maybe not that, but you look like you are feeling better.


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