Monday, July 15, 2013

Gettin Paid to Do Nuthin Week

Day One of Getting Paid to Do Nuthin Week is in the books. See, it’s midterms week for all of my students’ other classes, and so only tests are scheduled.  English classes are cancelled, but we still diligently show up at 7:30, leave at four and are available for our makeup exams for any students absent last week.

Sure, there is still plenty to do.  Ostensibly, this week is for grading the mid-terms.  No better time than the present, so that’s what I did today. For all my classes. Finished. Then I also calculated the average midterm score for each class.  Then I determined the median.  I added up the scores of their previous quizzes and looked at their predictive value as related to the midterm score.  I looked for trends of improvement and whose starting to slack off.  I bought little star stickers to put on the highest scoring tests.  I got plenty of stickers left.  On the whole, the scores were pretty bad.  Not a single student scored 20 out 20 points.

Tomorrow, I’ll start getting a huge jump on activity planning for the second half of this semester. 

I’ve also invented a new game.  Using a straw as blowgun, how many little wadded up bits of paper can I land on my supervisor’s desk when he’s not looking? Not as simple as it sounds as the flow of the AC creates a jet stream, a virtual wind wall right at the edge of his desk, and since it is only about 8 feet away, it’s very easy to overshoot my mark as well.

After a week of reviewing past stuff and administering exams, I already miss teaching the little monsters.  As appealing as getting paid to do nothing may sound, I’d rather be in front of students. I’m sure by next Monday, I’ll be a teaching tornado.  


Today's video is from Saturday night past. A friend of mine asked me to play at her birthday party. 


  1. Spend your time writing up your lessons, and studying Thaii.

    Spit balls are hardly new.

    Have a good week.

    1. Oh, no. No spit involved. Dry paper is far more respectful.

  2. So when do you get the real holidays?


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