Sunday, January 6, 2013

Empty Bookcases

I've already written about getting rid of books.  Even made a video out of the process. Today, though, was different.  Today, I went "all in"... Or "all out"...

See this pic...

It may just look messy to you, but to me, this is profound.  This morning, those two bookcases were overstuffed with the product of 25 years of collecting books.  It's now empty.  I feel like a part of me was donated to Goodwill today.

Then again, I feel a little more liberated to create a NEW me, as I'm leaving old me behind.

And yes, I was re-heating lunch in the microwave when this pic was taken.

1 comment:

  1. Can you imagine how liberated I will feel when I see more than 2000 books gone?

    I had a nice day today. Dad watched football and I went to the outlet mall. Good exercise. Bought him some jeans and myself a new. top.


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